Saturday Sparkle

Saturday Sparkle: Gilded Goddess

If you’re like the other 99% of the female population, you’re always thinking about ways to improve and update your look, even if you’re happily settled into your style. A great, though not inexpensive, way to give your style the ultimate facelift is through your jewelry. I’m always a sucker for something sparkly to spice up my look, and these baubles deliver a punch of sparkle that is sure to suit everything from evening wear to a plain tee and jeans.

1. Hammered gold-plated bib necklace. This is a piece that can take a blah outfit to red-carpet chic effortlessly. The variance in textures of the discs makes the necklace work with bright gold pieces, like simple gold hoops for day, and other textured pieces, like a hammered bangle or glitzy cocktail ring for evening. What I love about this piece is that it’s such a classic shape that it has been recreated and imitated in a number of price ranges, so if the hefty price tag is a little worrisome, you can find some alternatives elsewhere. (I always love Bauble Bar for imitations of the ritziest jewels.)

2. Semiprecious wrap cuff. I love a bracelet that is lightweight, polished, and layerable, like this bauble beauty from Marco Bicego. You can wear it alone, or add it into your “wrist candy” collection for a more complex look, which makes it a great piece for 20-somethings who are just getting started building heirloom collections. If you prefer a more coordinated look, Bicego crafts earrings, necklaces, and rings that will suit your fancy. Just follow the link!

3. Vintage 1970s panetta bracelet. Okay, seriously, if you were ever thinking about just purchasing one insanely gorgeous piece each season -or each year, with something like this beauty- make it this one. Vintage pieces always offer a little more personality because they’re, well, vintage. But this bracelet is so stunning, so striking, so positively glamorous, that it’s one that you (and your sister, daughter, mother, grandmother, etc.) will want to wear for the rest of your life. The rich tones of  the gems and the unique shape of the gold make it a year-round piece that you won’t be able to stop wearing. Bring on the oohs and aahs!

4. Aquamarine gold bracelet. I adore this effortlessly chic bracelet all year, but especially in the summer. Its cool colors capture the breezy mediterranean style we all favor in the hot months, and it’s ornate craftsmanship make it a simple way to punch up your look. My favorite thing about this piece is the unexpected pairing of the gorgeous aquamarine gems amidst the sea of darker stones, because I think it keeps the piece from venturing into the over-the-top territory. Think of it as the bracelet equivalent of your favorite pair of skinny jeans – it’s quietly beautiful and polished.

5. Ruby and diamond bangle. I feel that there’s something regal about rubies – the rich color, the fact that they’re often surrounded by other rare gemstones, their history of adorning royal bodies… That said, rubies are an extremely flattering stone, because the color, like the right red lipstick, warms up and complements every skin tone. I love the everyday appeal of the rubies paired with diamonds in this slim bangle, because you can layer it with other similar pieces for a casual look, or add it to your evening ensemble for a downright show-stopping look.  As if you needed another selling point, it’s crafted by Tiffany & Co., so you know the quality is ah-maz-ing.

6. Citrine bombe ring.  This is probably my favorite piece in the lineup for a few reasons. 1. It’s completely outrageous. 2. It’s got some serious carats. 3. It features multiple colors of stones, so you can match it to just about anything. 4. It’s gorgeous whether you’re wearing it with a casual tee and jeans or evening gown, night or day, summer or winter. Basically, it’s the epitome of glamour, and the only pitfall might be that the shipping may take a bit longer since it comes from the prestigious Astley Clarke store in London, so you can’t wear it immediately after you fall in love with it. Seriously, quit kidding around and order it before it’s unavailable.

7. Emerald-cut citrine and ruby ring.  If the bombe ring is a bit much for you and you favor a more classic style, take a look at this polished ring. It packs a similar carat-weight to the bombe, but the simple cut of the gems and the setting keep the ring a little more down-to-earth. Just a warning, though: the quality is heavenly, but the price is a bit hellish if you aren’t prepared to spend, say, $30k on a cocktail ring. But hey, everyone should indulge once in a while, right?

8. Cognac quartz and diamond ring. Maybe I’m craving the warm clothing, autumnal colors, and chilly weather of fall a bit prematurely, but I absolutely love this stunning ring. The unique color of the gem and its fun and fabulous bon-bon shape make this ring a winner for anyone looking to jazz up their outfits. An added bonus? You can pick it up from your local Macy’s store!

9. Emerald giant earrings. These gorgeous gems don’t need much explaining, because they’re a simple, elegant, and refreshing take on emeralds. The luxe factor here is that they’re over 50 carats and they’re hand-crafted, so you know you’re getting the very best quality possible.

10. Amethyst ring. I think this pretty amethyst ring is a great piece to have in your collection. It showcases a fluid shape of both the stone and the gold itself, and it’s a playful take on the usual chunky amethyst cocktail ring. I love its casual, anywhere, anytime feel, and the gemstone color is absolutely sublime.

11. Citrine and diamond ring. Another luxurious find from your local Macy’s is this citrine stunner. It features a massive citrine stone crowned by diamonds and set in a gold base, and it’s one of the most wearable cocktail rings available. Its classic shape and regal cut keep the ring modern and opulent, and the clean lines make it a beauty on its own or a lovely piece to combine other jewels with.

12.Pink gold, tourmaline, and diamond ring. I think this ring is enough to make any girly-girl completely and utterly swoon. Its pink tones bring out the inner princess in each of us, with an enormous multifaceted pink tourmaline and opulent pave diamonds. If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring, too, this little baby would be outstanding. Think about it: what girl in her right mind would say no to something that’s completely luxe, pink, and sparkles from 100 miles away?

13. Ruby bangle. This beautiful bangle is another completely refreshing take on the classic ruby. Its warm, brilliantly-cut stones sit nicely in a pointed setting, making for an unmistakably opulent piece of jewelry that is wearable for any occasion. I love the fact that this bracelet compliments any other gemstone or metal type. It’s delicately glamorous and completely feminine, and I just don’t think you can go wrong with this gorgeous piece.

14. Topaz citrine tear drop earrings. These cheeky and fresh dangly earrings are the ultimate girls brunch statement. Sweet and luxuriously casual, these candy-colored confections will be the envy of all the ladies who lunch (or brunch).

15. Red tourmaline and pink pearl earrings. These earrings have all the vintage appeal anyone could ever want, but they’re a fresh take on your traditional pearl studs. Unmistakably chic, these demure studs are absolutely gorgeous on any age, skin color, and style preference. I think they’re the perfect piece for ladies who want to venture out of their classic comfort zones, but still want to keep a Jackie O quality in their looks.

16. Chrysoprase and sapphire earrings. Last but certainly not least, these bright and brilliant earrings make a lovely addition to your bauble box. They’re unique, contemporary, and a great way to incorporate color into your outfit. They’re certainly a statement, but they aren’t as in-your-face as other dangly stone earrings, making them sweet companions for other pieces you already own.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Saturday Sparkle! Shine on!



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